Upturned face and light<br />
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Guido E. Alvarez is an assistant professor of New Media Arts at Saint Olaf College.<br />
He is currently working on his Doctoral work for the MATX program at VCU.<br />
His dissertation argues about the emergence of a new sense of awareness called hyperception that is aimed at enhancing our existence.<br />
More of his work and research can be found at the following sites:<br />
1 <a href="http://issuu.com/hypertypo">http://issuu.com/hypertypo</a><br />
2 <a href="http://vcu.academia.edu/GuidoAlvarez">http://vcu.academia.edu/GuidoAlvarez</a><br />
3. <a href="http://www.hyperscholar.com">http://www.hyperscholar.com</a><br />
4 <a href="http://www.guidoalvarez.typepad.com/">http://www.guidoalvarez.typepad.com/</a><br />
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All his images are kept to a minimum cost of two dollars over the price determined by smugmug.  The entirety of image sales will fund the project of co-founding a research center in Ecuador, South America that will be dedicated to training progressive educators from throughout the world in the Humanities.<br />
Your purchase will support this idea. If you would like to buy the copyright of any image within this thriving database for the use of advertising or branding purposes, please contact Professor Alvarez at guido.e.alvarez@gmail.com. He will be glad to negotiate the terms and conditions.